Eberron VT

What has happened to Gydd?

And who is this Demise person?

25th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont

Captain Kales tells the party about the mission.

Offers party 100gp each to help supply them.

Party agrees to mission.

26th of Olarune 998 YK

Meets with Demise and Gydd.

Gydd offers them a lot of money for the artifact, they tell her they will think about it. She excuses herself and they learn the ritual to reassemble the crown from Gydd, who learned it from Demise.

27th of Olarune 998 YK

The next day they get a message from Gydd that she is scared.

They enter the apartment and everything seems normal. They then stake it out and don’t see anyone going into it.

They go back into the apartment and it is filled with monsters and an illusion of Demise.

Rotwing zombies jump off the balcony and ghasts attack the party.

After the fight they find a note that Danne is Demise.

28th of Olarune 998 YK

They meet back up with the captain before leaving on the airship and let him know what happened. He is concerned but tells the PCs to continue on the mission. They board the air ship and set off for Ardev.



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