Eberron VT

Journey to the Six Kings

The road well traveled...

29th of Olarune 998 YK
Day 1 they have no encounters

30th of Olarune 998 YK
Day 2 they encounter some emerald claw who have captured a goblin. They defeat the claw and free the goblin. It appears he is a scout for the party they are looking for.

1st of Therendor 998 YK
Day 3 they encounter some drakes out hunting. One inf front of them, 2 up on a cliff, and 4 from the bushes behind Q. Unlike before the party is able to drop them pretty fast.

2nd of Therendor 998 YK
Day 4 they sneak up on a Turkabar Raiding party sitting around a fire. They demand a toll, but after sneaking up to the raiding parties own vantage spot, they are able to defeat all but the Minatour and Gnoll who run off.

3rd of Therendor 998 YK
Day 5 they are starting the feel the rigors of the travel and everyone is exhausted and they are forced to make camp before they planned. After an evenings rest they are ready to push on and get to the mountain pass.

4th of Therendor 998 YK
Day 6 They discover a trail off the side of the road that it looks like some people were trying to cover up. They follow it and discover a group of Emerald Claw talking. The captain tells the scouts to watch out for the Metal One, which one, the Warforged you idiot. As the party moves off the scouts begin to separate from the group and the party picks them off one at a time. They are planning to setup an ambush. Can the party stop them before they realize that their ambush has already been discovered?



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