Eberron VT

The Day of Mourning
The day everything changed...

20th of Olarune 994 YK

Fighting raged on along the Saeran road. Grim and Brother Aden were battling for the nation of Cyre against Breland when their commander barked orders to them. “Get up that hill to the tower and stop the Brelish soldiers that are trying to fortify it!” Without hesitation they rushed up the hill towards the ruins that used to be a watch tower. When they neared where the front door used to stand, they noticed Avarel entering through the side where a piece of wall had fallen away. Before any dialog was exchanged, the ground game to life as three Kruthik hatchings emerged and began attacking Avarel.

Brother Aden moved in to assist with the help of a traveling Deva they were able to fell two of the beasts. Grim stepped up and crushed another under his great axe and Quarion burst one into pieces with his magic missile. The threat appeared to be over when three more emerged from the ground and attempted to sink their talons into Quarion, but were unable to as he quickly darted into the shadows and away from danger. While preoccupied with the Kruthik annoyances, two odd looking creates appeared from around the corner and began shooting bolts into the part. They looked like some one had smashed two goblins together with their 2 mouths and 4 arms. They were quick little devils darting in and out shooting bolts from behind the party. Avarel got behind one of them, putting an end to his quick escape. With his partner down, the other one was easy pickings for the party and dropped while trying to flee up and over the ruined tower wall. In an odd form of celebration and a surprise to the others around him, Grim ripped the limb off the Dolgrim and drank its blood.

With the monsters dispatched, the party found themselves with two Brelish nobles shackled to the wall. One was suspended over some odd magic circle, unconscious while the other was able to speak, but beat up. Grim freed the speaking prisoner who introduced himself as Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden. Grim then moved on towards the other prisoner but was stopped before entering the circle of magic by Quarion. “Stepping in that circle would even make your head swim for days and you’ll end up just like this poor guy.” Instead he used his great axe to break the shackles and pull Alric to safety. They were able to get him conscious again, but he was babbling incoherently.

Quarion while inspecting the circle found its markings to translate themselves in front of his eyes. Five at the brink of desolation stand as one against the tempest’s roar. What could it mean? Five of the people present? Five of the nations? Who knows what this verse of the prophecy means. He would have to report his findings and maybe they would be able to interpret the meaning.

When the party formed their uneasy partnership they made Bren assist Alric and headed for the exit to get back to the battle with their new captives. As they emerged from the tower strange orange lightning flashed across the sky followed by a rumble of thunder so strong, it shook the ground beneath their feet. In front of them stood two men with shields bearing the distinct mark of the Emerald Claw on them. Behind them stood a woman dressed in green and black, who shouted to the party. “Give us the prisoner, or suffer the consequences!”

Grim shouted back, “Alright, then prepare to die!” With a wave of her hands the party was surrounded by zombies relentlessly advancing upon them. Quickly Quarion summoned a column of golden flames and enveloped a vast amount of the zombies. Grim stepped up and began slashing through the remaining ones. Seeing the barbarians advance, the women quickly cast a spell and reduced Grim’s strength in attempts to aide her guards in taking him down. The two guards formed a wall between her and the party while giving covering fire with their crossbows. They were able to slow down Grim in his advance but not enough to stop him as he made contact with the first guard. Many blows were exchanged and then Grim brought his Great Axe to bear crashing down on the guard. Seeing his death coming through the air at him, the guard was able to lash out one last time with his flail and made contact with Grim when the ax cleaved into him. Both fighters dropped to their knees, appearing to be dead. Then Grim rose and withdrew his ax from the guard, allowing the now defeated guard to crash to the ground.

Looking behind him he saw that Brother Aden was down. They had been hit multiple times by a very nasty spell from the woman hiding behind the last guard. He gathered his breath and let his rage go, running towards the last two Emerald Claw members standing. The woman was already engaged with the Deva’s summoned construct, while the Deva bandaged Brother Aden to ensure this wans’t his last battle. The last of the Emerald Claw agents now terrified at the sudden change of tide in the battle, began to retreat down the road. Grim and Avarel made sure that didn’t happen and were able to but both of them down again.

As the battle raged on the sky had turned from the dark grey it started as to now colors of orange and red that would even rival the most colorful sunsets. Looking down the hill they would see a large grey mist roll down the road, enveloping the clashing armies below. At the end of the battle there was no signs of conflict, simply deathly silence. The road below couldn’t be seen and no battle cries to be heard. Not even the clank of armor from a person moving. The grey mist now totally opaque and not allowing any of its secrets to escape. The nation of Cyre is blanketed in it as far as anyone can see. Something terrible has happened…
A Surprise Guest
When the uninvited ruin the party

20th of Olarune 998 YK

Four years after the day of Mourning, The party has all received invitations from Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden to reflect on that tragic day and celebrate it as the ending of the Last War. While on the upper balcony talking with Lord Bren, a scream rang out from down below the balcony. Peering over the railing Brother Aden could see the guests all looking towards the doorway. He leaped over the railing and saw the Grey Mist starting to roll out from under the door.

Grim investigating the scream from the stairway also notices the Grey Mist coming into the room. He backed out the door and slammed it behind him. Reaching over to the closest guest, he ripped their cloak off and soaked it in wine. He rammed it under the door in attempts to stop the mist from getting in, while Arruk closed the other door to the stairwell and braced it shut.

Scope followed Brother Aden’s lead and lowered himself down from the upper balcony and assisted Q and Arruk to the lower level. All four of them could now see the mist seeping from under the door. Grim tossed Bren a rope so he could get the guests off the balcony and to a safer location on the lower roofs 30 feet below, while perching himself on the railing preparing to drop onto whatever is below him.

The door opens and through the mist the party members on the lower balcony can make out a tall ghostly ape like creature outline. As the creature advances the mist envelopes the woman party guest who was closest to the stairs trying to get away. A piercing howl comes from the creature in the mist. Before she can turn around she freezes in horror and after a few moments, falls to the ground where she stood, dead. The creature begins moving towards the other party goers.

Scope uses his ability to pull the creature away from the guests and in turns has the creature’s wrath turned on him and Brother Aden. The creature lets out another howl and Brother Aden finds himself frozen in place and unable to move. Seeing what has happened to his fellow party member, Q moves towards the back side of the balcony and begins hurling magic missiles towards the creature. A few missiles hit and Scope is able to make contact with his hammer through the shroud covering the creature. Grim drops down from above and joins his group in attempts to stop the creature from harming anyone else.

Scope is able to land a blow against the creatures head, knocking him off balance. When he does the mist begins to almost instantly dissipate. Brother Aden fights and is able to shake off the effects of the creatures howl. With the dropping of the mist, the creature appears to be a large white gorilla with silvery fur that almost appears to be made of the grey mist. As he recovers his balance, the creature disappears and reappears behind Grim.

The party quickly surrounds him again and keeps up their relentless assault. Surrounded and in an attempt to flee, the creature lashes out with a fury of claws and bites seeming to move faster than previously thought possible. Brother Aden swings at the creature, but it lashes out with his claws and stops his attack, fighting back and inflicting serious wounds on Brother Aden. Scope quickly pushes the creature away from the party to give them a chance to regroup and recover from some of the damage they have taken.

Now away from the group the creature goes after Arruk and manages to catch him. It latches onto his should, biting him multiple times drawing a lot of blood. Arruk is able to shake him off and moves back towards Q who shouts “Duck” as he unleashes a cone of fire from his hands dropping the creature to the ground, no longer moving.

Grim approaches the creature, drawing his Great Axe above his head and with all his might brings down the axe on the creature. As the axe makes contact it turns to mist and the axe strikes the ground where the creature once laid. As the mist is fading away they again see the words of the prophecy.

As Bren finishes escorting people to safety off the lower roofs he reappears and tells the group “You must find where that thing came from and who sent it. No one else was at that tower with us when these words were first revealed. Do you think that something controlling the prophecy is seeking to kill all of you? I wish Alric was here as he was obsessed with the prophecy since that day and could provide more information to us. But atlas I haven’t seen him since his research lead him away from my estate over a year ago. But no time to waste, go find where that creature came from and report back to me when you have found it. I will cover the cost of the skycoach to expedite your return.”

The party’s investigation leads down stairs where they find a group of people huddled around a frightened woman. She is unable to speak but motions towards the stairs leading down. About 4 floors lower they come to a doorway leading out to a skybridge. On the door hinge they find a tuft of fur indicating that the creature came across the bridge. On the far side of the bridge they find a vendor cowering behind his cart. He points them towards the southern walk and Brother Aden gives him a silver piece for his help.

After a few hundred yards the walkway opens into an area that looks like people left in a hurry. The party hears the clinking of the City Guards who promptly stop to question them. After telling the guards what transpired on the balcony, they thank the party for their help and point out the trail they had been following from where the creature came from, about four flights down. When they reach the bottom of the stairs they encounter 3 Halfings beating up a man in the street. Through the conversation with the halfings they find out the man owed them some money, which he admitted to. The party tossed a coin to distract them enforcers from their current target long enough to tell them where the creature came from. As the party was leaving Grim threatened them and they took off running.

In the Cogs at the base of the towers, a guy whispers to get their attention. He knows what the PCs are looking for and isn’t intimated by them. Scope places the guy in a choke hold and still he isn’t speaking. Then Grim raises an Axe and looks like he will kill Scope along with him. The man tells them where to find the house that the creature came from.

In the section of the city called Center Bridge they find the house. All the windows appeared to be shut and boarded up. A strange rumbling hum comes from the second floor of the home.

Shaking the Foundation
Lightning never strikes twice, unless you stand in its way.

20th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

Standing outside the house with the odd rumbling, the party decides to charge in. Grim tried to kick open the door and is defeated by its strong construction. Brother Aden suggests that Grim try to just open the door. Grim opens the latch and throws open the door.

Rushing inside Grim gets flanked by a pair of Guard Drakes. They take advantage of their superior position and attack Grim before he can react and he falls to the ground. Q shoots a burst of fire through the door, scorching the Drakes and a Goblin that has joined them. The party moves in to engage the goblins while Brother Aden restores Grim to fighting condition.

From behind the fight two shifters burst out of a bedroom and join the fight. Their manes are dyed red, suggesting that they are members of the Red Jackals, a group that inhabits the sewers of Sharn with their Half-Orc companions. They tend to be a group that lives of scavenging and are known for their violent actions.

The battle rages on with most the goblins falling under the might of Scope’s hammer and Grim’s axe. Scope channels his inner self into a thunderous attack and manages to finish off both Drakes. Right after a Half-Orc archer appears and begins shooting arrows at Grim, impaling him with both shots. Trying to fight his way towards his hated arch-enemy, Grim manages to drop one of the Red Jackals. The other one left standing shouts out a scream of vengeance. The Half-Orc ducks into the shadows of the hallway out of sight from the party. Q drops the last Goblin with a Magic Missile.

In his fury of vengeance the shifter is unable to land a strike and is finally struck dead from Arruk’s cross bow. As he concludes the killing blow, the Half-Orc reappears and strikes him with an arrow. Seeing the arrow’s source, Brother Aden charges the archer and cuts through his defenses severely injuring him. Grim, with fury in his eyes, races towards the archer looking to cut him down, and buries his Axe in the Half-Orc’s chest, removing the last breath from his chest.

The party takes a quick breather to recover from the battle. As they are searching the entry area, Fu enters the house, apologizing for this late appearance. From upstairs a crack like thunder echoes, followed by a rumble of stone all around shaking the floor. From above someone shouts, “What’s happening? Check those over there!”

Heading up the stairs the party opens the door revealing an odd scene. Dark lightning crackles around a bizarre assemblage of tubes, brass orbs, embedded gemstones, dry bones, and formless stone just inside the door. A hideous, eyeless monster that looks like they were once human was at the machine with his tentacles moving over the surface with frantic desperation. Down both hallways reveals two similar machines being attended to by two human men.

The party rushes into the room and begins to attack the creature. They try to flank the creature and setup what they believe to be a great position, only to learn otherwise. Dark lightning arcs out of the machine from down the hallway towards the machine the creature was working on. Fu and Brother Aden are both in its path and find out how painful the electricity is when it courses through them. Fu’s armor manages to dissipate some of the energy, but not enough to stop damage from happening.

The man from the eastern hallway hits Grim and then runs back down the hallway and around the corner hiding himself from the party. The other man steps up to help the creature and shows hit superior fighting tactics against Grim, feigning his attacks and gaining the upper hand to land several strikes against him.

The creature lashed out this his tentacles, wrapping them around Grim, but before he is able to do any damage with them, Q zaps him with a Magic Missile. From the eastern hallway a Minotaur comes charging around the corner and engages Grim in combat. The machine arcs lightning again, but this time none of the combatants are standing in its path.

Scope pushes away the human from combat, trying to separate him from the Minotaur. He takes advantage from being removed from the combat to rush down around the corner and out of sight. The Monitor dies from his injuries and falls to the ground. As his body is laying there it begins to change into a grey shapeless form. Q tells the group that it looks like this was a Doppleganger they were fighting.

The machine arcs lightning again and hits Q square in the chest, interrupting its path towards Grim enough for him to get out of the way. The damage is enough to cause Q to stagger, catch his breath before moving on.

Fu pursues the human around the corner they finds a Tiefling Sorcerer standing in his view. He ducks back behind the wall and tells the party what he sees. The party then proceeds around the corner and engage her in combat. Fu steps back out and points his weapon towards the Tiefling, issuing a challenge to her. She withdraws from combat and begins to move around the party to catch the Paladin and ducks under Q’s quarterstaff swing on the way. As she passes the corner, Q hits her in the back with a Magic Missile and drops her to the ground. Like the Minotaur she also begins to change into a grey featureless corpse.

The machine again arcs lightning, and the party rushes up to the 4 consoles and begins trying to disassemble the machine. Grim raises his Axe and Q stops him, telling pointing out the massive electric discharge that would come from striking the machine. After some careful yanking of random components, the party is able to stop the machine before it managed to shake the entire tower, including Morgrave University, to the ground. They then stripped the machine of every valuable part and turned it into Residuum.

After securing the house a an evening of rest they hail a Skycoach and begin the journey back to Lord Bren.

Fight in the Skies
When the past comes back

21st of Olarune 998 YK

The party climbed on board the skycoach sent from Lord Bren to bring them back to his estate. While flying between the towers of Sharn, Scope and Arruk noticed goblins next to the skycoach on hovering blue discs. They shout out to the rest of the ship a warning as the goblins rain down arrows from their advantageous positions above the ship.

Grim races to the front and tries to throw the anchor at the nearest goblin and misses as the anchor reaches the end of its chain. Arrows continue to rain down striking the party members. The pilot increases the speed of the ship trying to outrun the goblin attackers. From in front of the ship a man appears dressed in robes on a similar blue disc. He shouts “Fools! Kill the pilot, crash that ship!” Q spins around and gets a good looked at the man’s face. This is no mistaken his scars and disfigured half-eleven ears. It’s Alric, Lord Bren’s aid that they helped rescues from the tower and the Dolgrim’s four years ago on the day of mourning.

The Goblins try to position themselves to get a good angle on the pilot but are unable to and their shots miss. Grim seizes upon how close the goblin is flying and throws the anchor again. It catches the goblin square in the chest and knocks him and his disc backwards away from the ship. Q unleashes the power of thunder and summons balls of energy that manage to zap the lead goblins in each attack wing.

Arruk enhances his crossbow and fires on the lead goblin, striking him in the chest sending him crashing into the nearby tower. Grim yells to the pilot “Bank hard to port! We’ll pin the sorcerer between us and the towers.” The pilot slows the ship and tries to follow Grim’s orders, crashing towards Alric. Seeing the ship closing in towards him, he quickly darts to the rear of the ship between the two Goblin attack wings. He clasps his hands together and dark energy radiates out from him, enveloping all the goblins with dark electricity. The starboard wing fires another volley at the party on their side of the ship, striking Q and Brother Aden. The port wing closes in and fires on the pilot, landing 3 precise crossbow shots in the pilot’s chest, killing him before he fell to the deck.

The party attacks Alric with the only range weapons they have available. They manage to land a few magic attacks, enough to see that they have drawn blood from Alric. Arruk uses another magic infused bolt and shoots Alric. The bolt catches him in the right shoulder sending him off hurling backwards off his disk and onto the skywalk below.

Grim leaps off the ship at the closest goblin to him with the anchor above his head. The goblin sees him coming and tries to dodge him. Grim lands on his chest on the disk with the Goblin still in control, stabbing his sword down at Grim, trying to knock him off. After a few moments Grim is able to gain his footing and with a rising swing of the anchor chops the Goblin clean in half, sending each part to the streets far below. He attempts to land his follow through on the goblin on the neighboring disk, but is unable to make contact. He releases the anchor and draws his Great Axe.

With the Skycoach now moving out of control, it slows down and comes dangerously close to crashing into the towers, missing by mere inches. The party continues to fend off and attempt to kill the remaining goblins as they attempt to control the ship.

Scope hauls in the anchor preparing to use it to stop the ship from drifting out of control. He spots a skywalk with a railing up ahead and is preparing to rope it with the anchor and chain. Foo engulfs the last Goblin threatening the ship with radiant energy, vaporizing his flesh and sending him crashing out of control to the roof top below.

Grim lets out a roar that intimidates the goblin next to him. He flies away as fast as he can on his disk, shooting bolts at Grim when he can. Grim is able to keep pace with the goblin, eventually catching up to him and cleaving clean through the last attacker.

As the skycoach drifts over a walkway, Q phase steps onto the skybridge, while Arruk repels over the side with a rope. Scope uses the anchor chain to lower himself down and hooks the anchor to the railing on the bridge. Arruk also helps to control the pilotless skycoach with his rope as a guide line.

Grim goes back to where he saw Alric fall, but all he finds are his robes. In them he finds Alric’s Mace and Amulet. As he gets back to the party, the Soarsled starts to flicker and as he lands it disappears. When he gets back to the bridge, House Lyrandar is there and thanking the party for saving their skycoach. They take the party to Lord Bren’s on the skycoach, and grant the party free skycoach use for the next month in Sharn.

Back to the Cogs
There must be a reason behind his madness

21st of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

The party arrived and Lord Bren’s estate and were ushered into his office. Lord Bren appeared to be very surprised when he found out that Alric was the one behind the haunt attack at the party. With the party’s descriptions and their past actions, he had no reason to not believe them after describing the battle on the Skycoach.

Lord Bren said that the last he heard of Alric about two years ago was his research into the Dragonic Prophecy and why the Kruthiks appear to be drawn to its energy. He was last known to be headed to visit Gydd Nephret over at Morgrave University.

With this new information, the party went into town and resupplied for their next adventures. They met back up at The Honored Truth pub and rented rooms for the night.

22nd of Olarune 998 YK

The next morning the party hailed a free Skycoach and headed over to Morgrave University. After getting directions from the gate keeper they located Gydd in the courtyard, sitting in a tree studying a bird. At first she ignored the party, till the name Alric came up. She then asked the party to join her in the tree, which Q did with his power. After drawing her attention away from the bird, Scope lowered both Gydd and Q out of the tree. Once down they went over to a clearing to sit in the grass and speak.

As first she didn’t seem to know who Alric was, but after the party physically described him, her memory was jogged enough. She had spoken to Alric about two years ago. He had come by and inquired about Kruthiks and had been working with Pifagor Quelf on studying them. She relayed what info she had learned from Quelf’s notes to Alric and he had left after making a comment about using them to track the Dragonic Prohecy.

Gydd mentioned to the party that she had heard of Kruthiks about a week ago in Tain Foundry. Her friend Olaaki had gone there with a group of goblins looking for an old tomb or something. Before the party could leave, Gydd mentioned that she had heard of flying Kruthiks, which she called Sharn Kruthiks as she believed the reason they could fly was because of Sharn’s manifest zone. She offered 250gp for an egg or 500gp if two were brought back. She said that she couldn’t afford more than that, and two eggs were more than enough to study if in hatchable form. She said to go to the Tain Foundry and meet Molric.

The party went to the foundry and was directed by the guards to the Slag Pit. Molric could be found there most days running the operation from his office upstairs. A bald dwarf approached the party and introduced himself as Molric. With him was a hobgoblin Priest dressed in white robes who introduced himself as Olaaki. Molric told the party that while digging a tunnel many of his workers had been killed by Kruthiks. Olaaki and his goblins showed up offering to help clear out the infestation according to Molric and haven’t been seen in almost a week. Molric offered the party 100gp each if they help ensure that the Kruthik infestation is removed. As the party was making their way to the tunnel, Molric offered one last piece of advice, “The damn bugs seem to avoid areas with lots of their dead stinking up the place.”

The party parted with Olaaki at the tunnel entrance. After venturing down the tunnel for a little ways they could see signs of a battle a few days old. It appeared to have been the missing goblins and about the same number of Kruthiks. At the end of the tunnel they found an entrance to what looked like a tomb. In the center of the room there was a pile of skulls contained by an iron fence. When Grim got close to read the writing on the fence, the sounds of skittering from behind the walls announced the attack of the Kruthiks.

The Kruthiks appeared from holes in the walls, floor, and even the ceiling. Five small hatchings came out first and darted right for the party, followed by four larger ones. After they had engaged the party, three of the flying ones Gydd had described came through the ceiling and joined in the attack grabbing a hold of Fu and Grim. A mid-sized one darted towards Q and Averal, but Scope stepped in to protect his fellow adventurers.

As the battle rages on, five more hatchings appear to join in the fight. Fu lets out a challenging cry that gets almost all the Kruthiks to focus on him. The distraction is enough for the rest of the party to hack away and destroy the first wave of Kruthiks of what is sure to be many more.

Searching the room afterwards they find a journal on the skull pile. When they pick up the journal a piece of leather falls out with what looks like a goblin’s hand imprinted on it. Perhaps it is a clue, but they give the book to Q to decipher. Digging deeper they find the goblin’s pack with a healing potion and key inside it and recover the Battle Standard that appears to have been left behind by the goblins.

Q reads the Iron Barrier’s inscription to the group “Ashurta, slayer of these weaklings, keeper of the Blade of the Ashen Crown. Even in death, he is stoic and strong. The might of Xoriat has not bested him, and Hell goes with him.” Fu tells the group that “Hell goes with him” is a common goblin saying referring to influence over devils or other beings of a fiendish or fiery nature. Q states that the mention of Xoriat means this tomb is probably over 5000 years old. Q believes that would line up with the skulls in the pile, as there are no Eleven or Human skulls as they weren’t on Khorvaire at that time in history.

From reading the journal, Q is able to determine that the owner was a member of the Kech Volaar – The Wordbearers of Darguun. The goblins came here seeking “Ashurta’s Tomb” and “The Blade”. The journal also mentioned that they possessed a key to the Tomb’s entry doors. Though the entrance on the other side of the doors is now collapsed, the key seems like a pointless item to have.

To protect the party, Grim stuffs the tunnels with the dead bodies of Kruthiks in attempts to avoid getting attacked from behind. The doors at the top of the stairs are unlocked, and Arveral in unable to find any traps on them.

In the next room there is a sunken center with a grid of tiles in it. On one side of the room there are two braziers in opposite corners and in the center of the other side is a demon statue with gleaming eyes. Averal investigates the statue and sees that the eyes look like they are made of valuable gems. Before he can attempt to pry them out, Q points out that there is a strong magic connection to them and that it would really hurt if he had attempted to remove them. Grim proceeds down to the tiles to investigate, while Arruk circles the room on the opposite side of the statue.

Grim stands on the rage tile plate and nothing happens. He then jumps on it repeatedly to get it to sink into the floor. Still nothing happens. Averal moves over the opposing door and checks it for traps, finding nothing. Arruk double checks his work and again finds nothing, but that the doors are unlocked. Grim recites the inscription from the iron barrier and moves over to the Hell tile. Q moves into a position to watch the statue as Grim depresses the plate.

An Imp appears in the statue’s brazier and as he lets out an evil laugh turns himself invisible. The party readies itself to be attacked. In front of Grim he can see the Fire plate getting pushed into the floor. As it clicks into place four small fiery humanoids appear and charge the party.

Grim invokes the magic that Arruk imbued in his axe and swings in the square where he believed the imp was. He feels his axe hit and the Imp begins to fade back into view.

They peel off their own flesh...
Why is it that the drakes seem to know our weakness?

22st of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

Grim raises his mighty axe for another blow and slices through the Imp, turning him to dust. Behind him one of the Magma runners slams into Scope and Averal causing them some minor damage. Fu lets out a challenging yell drawing the attention of all the Magma runners to him. They begin to focus their attention on him, while the rest of the part is able to pick them off one by one, till they are nothing but dust.

The floor tiles just beg the party to try and solve the puzzle. Try and Try again they are unable to unlock it. Fu looks at the scrap leather again and passes it around, still no luck. As they move on, Grim gets the correct combination and the floor tiles lock into place. It appears that once the trap was triggered, the puzzles secret is locked.

As they slowly progress into the next corridor Averal finds the doors have traps on the other side to make them slam shut and bar themselves. After a few minutes he is able to disable the lock on the door. Proceeding down the stairs they find the source of the grinding sound. Averal searches the floor and finds that it is hinged to drop away. He is able to secure it so the panel won’t drop away.

Grim and Scope move to the center of the room and start pressing the plates they find there. When Scope steps on the second plate, they hear a loud clink and the Doors slam shut and bar at the top of the stairs. Around them the floor panels drop out and are open, looking back towards the party, Grim sees the stairs turn into a slide and the party struggles to not slide down the stairs and into the now exposed grinding ball.

Averal goes back to the top of the stairs towards the door he was able to secure open. As he does the party hears the familiar sound of approaching Kruthiks. The Party forms up on the center platform as the Kruthiks Emerge and they are able to easily handle them. Spikes shoot down from the ceiling, luckily missing every party member. Grim kicks a Kruthik body into the pit and it is ground up by the ball. A bad place to fall for sure.

10 more Kruthiks appear and surround the part. Brother Aden pulls out his lightning mace and quickly dispatches the nasty bugs, while the party cleans up the few his lightning missed. Grim races from the center platform and up the opposing stairs. He makes it to the top of the stairs and hacks a hole in the door large enough for everyone to crawl through between the bars. As the rest of the party reaches the top of the stairs the trap resets itself and the room is quiet again, except for the grinding sound.

Scope crawls through the hole in the door, while Averal untraps the door in case they need to make a quick escape through this room again. When the party enters the room they find 4 statues of displacer beasts in the center of the room with water falling through on a grate in the center. In the water their appeared to be a few people shimmer in its effect. A few drakes turn around and hiss at the party.

Averal rushes in to attack, but the drakes are too much and drop him to the ground. One of the creatures in the water peels off its own flesh and hurls it at Scope. When the tainted flesh hits him, the necrotic energy burns his skin.

BA moves up and manages to get Averal back on his feet well enough to move away from the front lines, while Scope protects him. A drake lashes out and catches Scope arcoss the mid section tearing open a gaping wound. Scope falls to the ground unconscious.

A flying Kruthik emerges and attacks Grim, wrapping itself around him. Some very disgusting magical creations advance on the party, but Q is able to dispatch most of them with a scorching burst of fire, and the Kruthik. A few are too fast and are able to get through to Grim raking him with their claws.

BA uses his holy symbol to turn undead and the drakes are pushed back while the rest of the creatures attacking Grim are turned to dust. Arruk takes advantage of the dazed drake and hits him with his magic weapon, dropping it to the chamber floor.

Grim turns and swings his axe at the last standing drake and kills him. In a fury he charges zombie on the grate but his attack swings wide. The party moves in closer and attempts to strike the zombies only to see more and more of their attacks miss. Q shouts that it appears the statues are creating the protection for the creatures and the party begins trying to move them away from the statues.

The Zombies are regenerating their flesh and hurling it at the party while moving back towards the protection of the statues. After a few very hard hits the Party drops the zombies. After a very rough battle it is decided that they need to head back to get some rest before moving on.

Where did he go?
Its hard to fight what you can't see

23rd of Olarune 998 YK

Used ropes to make sure no one fell into the grinding ball.

Went back to the Slag Pit to rest up.

Searched for traps, none found.

Went into the room and saw the blood fountain.

Checked all the doors for traps, none found.

Checked the Sarcophagus and saw it was hinged and looked like a trap.

Opened the Solo door and all the other ones popped open.

Wight and Hobgoblin Skeleton emerge.

Averal charged the wight.

Screech sends Arruk flying across the ground

Wight hits Averal and shifts, Hobgoblin wails on Arruk.

BA heals Arruk.

Bone piles create 5 skeletons and charge Q and Scope and eliminate them.

HobGoblin skeleton goes down after a flurry of special attacks, including him final sweep.

8 more skeletons emerge, Q feysteps and burning hands all but 2.

Uses shield to stop both skeletons attacks.

Drops the skeletons.

Grim bloodies the Wight.

Foo drops the Wight.

Foo tries to get the Specter to stop attacking the others.

Specter turns invisible and runs away, screams again knocking Grim over the fountain.

Foo Draws the focus of the Specter and Scope drops him.

Find treasure in the tombs.

Q uses mage hand and the Scarphogi explode in a shower of bones.

Next rooom, Statues have amber gems for eyes, 4 hob goblins in the center saluting, tomb at the end.

Check the room for magic and see it from all the statues and the chests.

Move up and open the Tomb, Scope and Grim.

Ashurta emerges and yells at the party, the lights go out.

Hobgoblin Zombies attack Grim and Scope.

Wights move up and attack Foo.

Arruk plants battle standard.

Q Creates light on the Standard.

Scope creates Plant cover.

Foo draws the attention of the Wights

To be continued….

Why won't they stay down
The dead are too hard to kill on the second go around

23rd of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

Wights bounce around attacking multiple people, mostly focused on Scope and Fu

Zombies goes down and stands back up

Grim Smashes Ashurta hard for the first hit.

Q fire toasts the Zombies

Setup camp in the isolated hallway

24th of Olarune 998 YK

Trekked through the kruthik hole in the floor

Fu pulled the Kruthik off the beam

Toxic spikes almost take down BA

The lair has been cleared out

24th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

The party entered the room with eggs and slim all over the place

Sharn Kruthiks emerged and began attacking

Wrapped around Scope

Swarm attacks

Lord Emerges and spews Acid

Young Kruthiks go after Q

Seem stronger when they are around the Lord

Many hits, Lord is fast, slain

Q shoots down the Slime Curtains

Finds a pouch with some Golbin Coins and 2 potions of healing

In one slime curtain an Amulet of Protection +2 is found

Head back to Molric, get paid 100gp each

Told to take Olaaki with them

Olaaki questions them about the blade

Back to see Gydd, she also asks about the blade

takes eggs and runs off to her place and comes back

pays for the Eggs, does a rubbing of the blade

Tells the party to meet her in 2 days and she’ll have more info

25th of Olarune 998 YK

next day they are summoned to the King’s Citadel

Gnome receptionist summons Captain Kales

Captain offers them a task to help the Wordbearers, Bladbearers are bad guys

Ask party to swear an oath of loyalty to the Brelish Crown

What has happened to Gydd?
And who is this Demise person?

25th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont

Captain Kales tells the party about the mission.

Offers party 100gp each to help supply them.

Party agrees to mission.

26th of Olarune 998 YK

Meets with Demise and Gydd.

Gydd offers them a lot of money for the artifact, they tell her they will think about it. She excuses herself and they learn the ritual to reassemble the crown from Gydd, who learned it from Demise.

27th of Olarune 998 YK

The next day they get a message from Gydd that she is scared.

They enter the apartment and everything seems normal. They then stake it out and don’t see anyone going into it.

They go back into the apartment and it is filled with monsters and an illusion of Demise.

Rotwing zombies jump off the balcony and ghasts attack the party.

After the fight they find a note that Danne is Demise.

28th of Olarune 998 YK

They meet back up with the captain before leaving on the airship and let him know what happened. He is concerned but tells the PCs to continue on the mission. They board the air ship and set off for Ardev.


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