Eberron VT

Lost in the Mist
and tagged by some fish.

The party decides to head through the Mournlands to save money and help the Dwarves.

The orcs are called the Severed Eyes as the tougher warriors tend to gouge out one of their eyes. They also have a tendency to remove the eyes of their prisoners also.

Rangrim tells the party that he had an escort party of Glintshield dwarves with him. They were exploring a side passage and the orcs showed up before they returned. He was forced to gather what people he could and dropped a large stone slab to seal the tunnel.

After they sealed the tunnel they were attacked by 4 winged bat like things that got quite a few of the remaining dwarves.

When the party gets to the Mournland they begin journeying straight across. On the 2nd night they come across a ruin and make camp for the night. Then next morning fog begins to roll in, eventually enveloping them so much they can barely see 5 feet in front of them. The party ties rope around themselves to avoid becoming separated.

While trying to track the road, they hear the sounds of clashing metal off in the distance. The party tries to stealthy avoid the noise. Q is unable to hide his magical aura and the living cloud of daggers. It surrounds him, but he is able to keep his magical shield up to stop them from causing any damage. Out of fear of hurting Q the rest of the party readies their weapons but holds off striking. Q shoots the cloud with a magic missile causing it to dissolve.

About 4 hours later, the fog disappears and the party is able to make it through the rest of the Mournland without any more fog or living spell encounters.

Shortly after departing the lightning rail stop at the end of the line they venture about a mile east to a river crossing with a collection of run down buildings. They investigate the buildings and they appear to have been not been touched in well over 100 years. Everything falls apart at the touch, and they don’t find anything of value.

When Avarel crosses the bridge the party hears a screech from above. Grim and Avarel notice shadows coming from the cliff as a pair of hippogriffs. One keeps dive bombing Grim while the other one crashed into the bridge next to Fu and began attacking with his claws.

Hearing the sounds of the hippogriffs attacking a group of Archerfish swim downstream. They spot Grim on the bridge and start shooting water trying to know him off. His spiked heals manage to keep him in place, so they turn their attention to Avarel and are able to knock him off the bridge and into the water.

Avarel is able to scramble back to the bank and out of the current before being swept over the waterfall.

The Archerfish then turn back to Grim as he was in the biggest target in range. They are able to drop him and turn towards trying to pull BA into the river. BA is able to keep his feet dry and out of the water.

Grim tries to jump on the hippogriffs back but it is able to fight him off before he can get on. Eventually Fu and Grim are able to defeat the hippogriff. The other one dive bombed Q, but Fu was able to step in and defeat it also.

Grim and BA then turn their attention to the Archerfish. BA tosses a few lances of faith, as Grim launches off the bank and cleaves through the fish in the water.

After the battle the party gathers the bodies of the fish and enjoy a good meal before venturing into the tunnel in the morning…

Death of a Friend

13th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

Q performed the ritual and fused the crown whole again.

The party spoke with Gydd and found that she wanted to be raised.

Upon leaving the tomb, they encountered Molric who asked to meet them at the Fallen Truth the next morning for breakfast as he wanted to get their help again.

They brought Tikulti and Gydd to Gydd’s apartment and raised her.

They sent word to Captain Kalaes to meet them at Gydd and to bring his Truth Seer. They used the Guard Captain they met earlier and sent Tikulti’s rapier with him.

The sending stone was hidden in a glass of water to prevent the other side from hearing the conversation as they were unable to locate it on Demise or Tikulti.

Kalaes showed up and the party interrogated Tikulti, revealing that his master was just using Demise and that the Emerald Claw wouldn’t even admit her to their ranks.

Tikulti mentions that they are seeking the Dragon’s Eye, an artifact that could control dragons.

The sending stone made a muffled sound and while the party looked to investigate, Tikulti shifted his form and got his hands free.

Kalaes leapt from the balcony and landed on Tikulti restraining him. He sent the truth seer to retrieve the binding mages to take Tikulti to the prison.

14th of Therendor 998 YK

The next morning they meet with Molric and his Cousin who requested help in clearing out some Orcs from a tunnel so they could open up the trade route again.

Grim eagerly wanted to accept the job. They agreed to speak with the Dwarf again the next morning as they had two more meetings that day.

Later that day they meet the Kalaes again and he inquires about the crown. He still would like it used as a bargaining tool to help the Wordbearers gain control and ally with Breland.

The party tells him of their intended journey to the Mror Holds and Kalaes suggest they try and help the dwarves as Breland can always use more allies.

Later that night they are having dinner at The Fallen Truth and waiting for Arruk. After two hours he doesn’t show up so they head to where he was recovering.

They spot a figure in the rain darting around the everbright lamps trying to remain hidden from view.

When they get to where the figure was, they find a freshly killed body.

Arruk comes running from the other direction and as he begins to speak, he stops. His eyes glaze over as the party moves towards him. He drops to his knees and falls over, revealing a warforged behind him with Arruk’s blood on his blade.

He attacks the party, and his accomplices soon climb from the underside of the bridge and begin attacking the party also, trying to push them off the edge of the bridge.

The party is able to dispatch them without any real harm being done to them, but as the warforged died, they released their final messengers. The party was able to stop 4 of them, but the 5th one seems to have disappeared during the battle.

After skillfully prying the final bits of magic from the first Final Messenger, Q was able to determine that these were destined for the Lord of the Blades, leader of the warforged rebellion in the Mournlands.

In the late professor’s sack, they found a blank Journal with an old House of Cannith logo on it. It radiates with magic.

Arruk is dead, a blank journal somehow linked, Kalaes is looking for allies, but the smell of Orc blood seems to have fueled the party to their next adventure.

Final Demise
Tikulti and Gydd Located

11th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

Upon entering the next room the PCs hear the sounds of the grinding ball trap from the next room over again.

They see a grey skinned figure wearing Tikulti’s armor and wielding his bejeweled rapier.

A floating skull and an assassin try to assist some Emerald Claw soldiers in defeating the party.

Tikulti throws some shurikens in attempts to blind the party and stop their ability to defend against his aggressive attacks.

With a mighty blow of his Axe, Grim drops Tikulit before he can tumble away. BA binds him and his wounds as Foo goes running after an Emerald Claw escaping down a passage.

When Foo drops the EC, he sees Gydd shackled and she cries for help. He rushes to her aide.

From behind the giant statue demise steps out and thanks his foolishness for coming alone and her zombies and ghouls surround him.

Foo’s cries for help are answered by Scope who gets to him just in time to stop the foul beasts from rendering him lifeless.

The rest of the party catches up and drops the zombies fairly easily, the ghouls prove to be a bit tougher.

Grim tries to use the statue to launch himself at demise and is unable to stick the landing, only to have Demise show him just how bad of an idea it was to attack her alone.

Scope runs in and throws up a forest of protective weeds providing enough cover for the bleeding Grim, forcing Demise to relocate.

Demise looks at Gydd and shouts get them. Gydd responds and breaks her cuffs and rushes towards Foo.

Her appearance of some one who is not under her own control really drains the life force of Foo as he tries to stop her attacks.

Eventually the Ghouls are defeated as is Gydd and the party is able to focus on Demise.

She begins to feel the pain as he attacks start missing, till Q is eventually able to bring her down with a magic missile.

The pieces of the crown are strewn about a ritual circle in the chamber. The party is once again in possession of the crown fragments and the traitor, Tikulti. Now what will they do with the unconscious doppleganger and with the crown that has power over death?

Chasing the Real Traitor
We must bring him back alive...

10th of Therendor 998 YK

Upon arriving at the air tower in Sharn, Foo announces their arrival to the guard captain.

Taken aback the captain sends one of his men to tell Captain Kalais that they are here and need to speak with him immediately.

The guard runs off to tell Kalais while the Gurad Captain escorts them to the King’s Citadel while being awed by stories of the PC adventures and tales of defeating dragons.

BA gives him some coin and tells him the party will meet him after for a few drinks and more stories.

Captain Kalais refuses to believe that Takulti is a traitor and accuses the PCs of being the traitors.

After a long discussion he agrees to give the PCs a chance to prove their version, but must bring Tikulti in ALIVE or he will make them enemies of the crown.

The PCs meet up with the guard captain and hear of rumors that an elven women in a death mask has been seen in the Cogs.

Demise contacts the PCs through the sending stone telling them where they can find her as she has their friend, the professor.

11th of Therendor 998 YK

The next day the PCs head to Molric’s foundry and find it empty.

Down the tunnel they encounter Demise’s servant with 2 Emerald Claw soilders and some now risen Kruthiks.

They dispatch them and head further into the crypt assured they are in the right place to find both the crown and Tikulti.

Attempted Robbery
Undead Goblins and Big Blue Bats

8th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.
As the goblins emerge, Yeraa seems slightly odd.

When she gets to Grim she lashes out and attacks him, the others follow suit.

The PCs are able to deal with them and realize that Tikulti wasn’t with them.

They discover that their part of the crown is missing.

They race back to the airship and find that Scope and Arruk had been knocked out and the Blade was taken. Rumors are of a teleport to Sharn just moments before.

Tikulti taunts them with the sending stone.

9th of Therendor 998 YK
The PCs use the airship to race towards Sharn after Demise and Tikulti.

As they are crossing the Greywall Mountains a young Blue Dragon lands on the bow of the airship demanding tribute.

Grim smashes him in the face with his Axe.

During the intense fight, the pilot puts the airship into a nose dive in attempts to free the dragon from the ship, but the dragon digs into the wood intent on staying.

A few lightning bursts and mighty axe swings later, the dragon flys away.

Q gets in a few last parting shots and causes the dragon to almost drop out of the sky mid flight, but is able to get out of range due to the decent of the ship.

As the pilot rights the airship, Foo loses his balance and falls over the railing. Luckily the magic protection of the ship and his safewing amulet work to save him from crashing to the ground.

The ship makes it way to Sharn, wondering what fate awaits the PC upon their arrival.

Covering the Hole
While in the market, might as well peddle some wares

7th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

Catching up with Tikulti the airship is heavily damaged from Emerald Claw attacks.

It almost appears that the attacks were aimed to delay instead of stop the goblins.

8th of Therendor 998 YK
After repairs are made the group flies to Greywall to retrieve the last piece of the crown.

After docking at Greywall, the party and goblins find that the last piece is underneath The Roar, goblin Marketplace.

The party rents out a tent and distracts the patrons while the goblins dig with peddling items found in the goblin tomb and displays of power/athletic skill.

The goblins locate the artifact and head back, when the PCs see Demise across the market place.

After fighting the Emerald Claw and the wraiths, they defeat Demise to find out it was actually a doppleganger.

The Goblins are emerging from the tunnel after their task is complete…

Recovered, now RUN!
Think we can hold off 300 goblin ghosts?

7th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

The party defeats the death gaunts and recover the part of the crown.

From the northeast passage Yeraa emerges and tells the party she got the cord.

She then tells them that they triggered a trap and there are 300+ goblin ghosts chasing them.

The party debates for a while and Yeraa urges them to go as she didn’t see an end to where the ghosts were coming from.

They collapse the passage way in attempt to seal in the ghosts.

They emerge from the cavern and Yeraa sends her scouts ahead to search the area.

After a talk with the PCs, Yeraa clutches her swords.

Ahead the hobgoblins the party fought in the pass and marching towards them.

The leader charges them and the PCs make easy work of the newly raised dead.

Who raised them? Are they still in the area?

Fire and Water
Is it still genocide if we leave one alive?

7th of Therendor 998 YK

The party rests up.

They explore the room that crackles with fire.

They enter and see a goblin ghost that looks like he was burned to death.

He ducks around the corner, and the party notices that the moss seems very odd and almost crackles. Q attempts to burn it and find that it catches fire.

Two phantoms charge the PCs and begin attack them.

Then a fire bat drops from the ceiling and attempts to burn then all.

As BA enters the left hand side of the cavern, a vent explodes in a burst of flame. The moss surrounding it catches fire.

BA quickly moves out of it.

The goblin shows back up and keeps trying to force itself into the party’s minds, but fails.

He is quickly defeated as are the other creatures.

The party then moves back to the other room with the flowing water.

They see a pale goblin that hisses at them drawing a blade before it fades into the darkness.

The party advances across the river and the goblins attack.

After the Curser is taken down, the goblins seem to back off only fighting back and not pressing any attacks.

The party continues slaying them till there is only 1 left.

He drops to his knees shaking and surrenders to the party.

Fu talks to him and he explains that they are guarding the next room, making sure nothing gets out of it.

He shows the southern wall with a pictorial history of their clan, appearing to go back for thousands of years. He explains that there is great evil on the other side. The party threatens him into helping them clear the rubble to the next room.

Once into the next room, from an observation cliff, a pool is evident with lots of Death gaunts around it. The party prepares for their assault on the Moon Pool.

Such Power
Don't worry, they're just rocks

6th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

As the party is falling through the air they land on different platforms.

Q and Scope land on the same one almost knocking each other off on the shaky platform.

Fu manages to roll out of the way of a falling chunk of rock.

Averal begins jumping from platform to platform to try and regroup.

Grim and Arruk work together to create a rope and swing each other over to BA’s platform.

The rocks that landed on the platforms appear to be winged creatures.

They come alive and start attacking the party.

The party struggles to fight off the winged stone creatures.

One of them wraps Q within its wings. Eventually Q hits it with a magic missile and it falls off the platform.

Fu stuns and knocks one off his platform.

As the party feels they are making headroom, more and more start crashing down.

The sky gets a darker color.

On the center platform a hooded figure appears.

As a group is about to jump BA, Grim, and Arruk, the hooded figure crashed a floating island into them.

He then crushes another group with some stone debris.

The 3rd group he slams their island into the one above it.

The party is now grouped on two platforms in the center.

The apparent threat gone, the hooded figure turns to them and they recognize him as Alric.

“You fools keep attempting to mess up my plans. I’m getting tired of having to clean up after your little diversions. For just saving you after you foolishly released the Lich, I want you to find his phylactery and bring it to me.”

“How will we know where to find you?”

“Trust me, if I can find you here, I can find you once you have recovered the phylactery.”

He then tilts the right platform and dumps the party onto the center one.

He then folds the platform into itself and the party finds themselves back in the room they started in.

Gimmie a Kiss
That door wasn't that large to start with

6th of Therendor 998 YK

The party rests for the night after a few hard battles.

The guys activate the mark. The room becomes solid.

Projects onto the back wall a set of numbers:
1-10-11-100-101-_ _ _

The party figures it out and enters 110-111-1000.

Once the last entry is made, the projection disappears and the center goes dim.

The left and right side project a half sphere on the north wall and on the south wall Draconic numerals.

It starts at 15, the group searches around and finds nothing.

They press the button and the ceiling drops and the number is now 8.

Scope tries to interrupt the projection with his shield, but it just displays on his shield.

They try to determine how to get past this lock, and wait till the number gets down to 1 and with only 4’ of room, they press the button, shooting the ceiling back up.

The next time they apply the code from the previous puzzle and let the counter hit 0.

The ceiling resets and the left and right parts of the lock go dim.

The top and bottom begin projecting.

The ceiling has 4 corner nodes that run to the flow.

The floor has a pattern of Ts and crosses that appear to flow the energy from one node to another.

The group tries to solve the puzzle, then Q figures out how to stop the nodes from connecting at all to each other.

The projections fade away, and the room goes dark. The party then awakens to an odd purple sky.

At the far end of this “floating” platform they see a door.

Scope heads across the bridge towards the door. He gets about half way across when the door opens.

A lich appears and begins to ask them why they are setting him free. He is wearing a blood colored jewel with a dragon skull on it.

The party taunts him and he summons a bunch of skeletons from the other side of the door.

The party cuts through them like they were butter.

Surprised, the lich then says, “You’re more powerful then I expected. Try playing with this!”

The door expands and through it comes a beholder with only 1 eye, but his stalks have teeth and claws on them.

The lich then begins a ritual behind the beholder.

The party tries to attack it, but find it is a very tough opponent. Throughout the battle when some one starts to bleed it latches on and drains the energy to heal himself.

Averal tried to sneak around the platform to get to the lich. When he appears in front of the lich, the Lich teleports him back to the other side of the bridge.

After a while the party manages to start drawing blood on the beholder.

The lich channels some energy into/out of the beholder and then teleports away.

The beholder starts shaking and looking around worried. Grim smashes the beholder knocking him to the ground.

When it makes contact, it explodes shattering the entire platform. The party is thrown into the void.


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