Eberron VT

Such Power
Don't worry, they're just rocks

6th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

As the party is falling through the air they land on different platforms.

Q and Scope land on the same one almost knocking each other off on the shaky platform.

Fu manages to roll out of the way of a falling chunk of rock.

Averal begins jumping from platform to platform to try and regroup.

Grim and Arruk work together to create a rope and swing each other over to BA’s platform.

The rocks that landed on the platforms appear to be winged creatures.

They come alive and start attacking the party.

The party struggles to fight off the winged stone creatures.

One of them wraps Q within its wings. Eventually Q hits it with a magic missile and it falls off the platform.

Fu stuns and knocks one off his platform.

As the party feels they are making headroom, more and more start crashing down.

The sky gets a darker color.

On the center platform a hooded figure appears.

As a group is about to jump BA, Grim, and Arruk, the hooded figure crashed a floating island into them.

He then crushes another group with some stone debris.

The 3rd group he slams their island into the one above it.

The party is now grouped on two platforms in the center.

The apparent threat gone, the hooded figure turns to them and they recognize him as Alric.

“You fools keep attempting to mess up my plans. I’m getting tired of having to clean up after your little diversions. For just saving you after you foolishly released the Lich, I want you to find his phylactery and bring it to me.”

“How will we know where to find you?”

“Trust me, if I can find you here, I can find you once you have recovered the phylactery.”

He then tilts the right platform and dumps the party onto the center one.

He then folds the platform into itself and the party finds themselves back in the room they started in.

Gimmie a Kiss
That door wasn't that large to start with

6th of Therendor 998 YK

The party rests for the night after a few hard battles.

The guys activate the mark. The room becomes solid.

Projects onto the back wall a set of numbers:
1-10-11-100-101-_ _ _

The party figures it out and enters 110-111-1000.

Once the last entry is made, the projection disappears and the center goes dim.

The left and right side project a half sphere on the north wall and on the south wall Draconic numerals.

It starts at 15, the group searches around and finds nothing.

They press the button and the ceiling drops and the number is now 8.

Scope tries to interrupt the projection with his shield, but it just displays on his shield.

They try to determine how to get past this lock, and wait till the number gets down to 1 and with only 4’ of room, they press the button, shooting the ceiling back up.

The next time they apply the code from the previous puzzle and let the counter hit 0.

The ceiling resets and the left and right parts of the lock go dim.

The top and bottom begin projecting.

The ceiling has 4 corner nodes that run to the flow.

The floor has a pattern of Ts and crosses that appear to flow the energy from one node to another.

The group tries to solve the puzzle, then Q figures out how to stop the nodes from connecting at all to each other.

The projections fade away, and the room goes dark. The party then awakens to an odd purple sky.

At the far end of this “floating” platform they see a door.

Scope heads across the bridge towards the door. He gets about half way across when the door opens.

A lich appears and begins to ask them why they are setting him free. He is wearing a blood colored jewel with a dragon skull on it.

The party taunts him and he summons a bunch of skeletons from the other side of the door.

The party cuts through them like they were butter.

Surprised, the lich then says, “You’re more powerful then I expected. Try playing with this!”

The door expands and through it comes a beholder with only 1 eye, but his stalks have teeth and claws on them.

The lich then begins a ritual behind the beholder.

The party tries to attack it, but find it is a very tough opponent. Throughout the battle when some one starts to bleed it latches on and drains the energy to heal himself.

Averal tried to sneak around the platform to get to the lich. When he appears in front of the lich, the Lich teleports him back to the other side of the bridge.

After a while the party manages to start drawing blood on the beholder.

The lich channels some energy into/out of the beholder and then teleports away.

The beholder starts shaking and looking around worried. Grim smashes the beholder knocking him to the ground.

When it makes contact, it explodes shattering the entire platform. The party is thrown into the void.

Stay Down!
The bigger they are, the further they reach

5th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont.

Barracks, Goblins and Dolgrims fighting.

They help neither group and the goblins die.

The Dolgrims run off and collapse the passage.

Grim gets knocked around by the ape.

Dolgaunt telports up and attacks Q, Averal.

Find Arcane Mark that Q thinks is a seal to contain something.

Stone Ghosts
First the shadows are alive, then they are made of stone

5th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont

The party ventures south through the only set of doors as the other passage is collapsed and impassable.

The room looks like it was a 2nd floor for something at one point, the west call is missing and shows an open darkness down below it. The south eastern corner has collapsed and shows a lower hallway heading to the east.

The room has a lot of dark stains that out of the corner of the eye appear to almost ripple.

The party begins to investigate the area. They hear something moving below.

Averal goes below and starts exploring when he is attacked by a Wraith. After damaging the Wraith it disappears into the shadows under the upper room.

Grim jumps off the eastern side and swings into the darkness. Him and Averal corner the Wraith.

Above the party is attacked by 2 specters, who keep disappearing from view.

BA is badly wounded and as he moves across the room he steps in one the black puddles. It explodes in a dark cloud of necrotic draining energy. Barely standing he stumbles out of the cloud to take a much needed breather.

After an intense battle both enemies are defeated.

The party advances down the eastern passage till it ends with a 20 foot drop into a room.

The room is filled with what appears to be goblins frozen in the stone violet pillars.

As they are exploring the room, some goblin phantoms emerge and start to attack the party.

They are aided by a Deathgaunt with his lashing tentacles and another one hurling spells.

The spell caster manages to get into Grims mind and makes him attack Q. Luckily he has just enough control to pull his swing to allow Q time to dodge the swing.

The lasher manages to grab a hold of Averal and Arruk and begins to squeeze the life out of them.

The party is able to defeat them and finds their only way forward blocked by recently collapsed rubble.

They divide their efforts and begin to clear the passages. What can be waiting for them behind the rocks?

Honorable New Allies
Enter the circle and prove your worth

4th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont

The party ventures to the 3rd king and finds the outcropping of white stones, where they meet up with Yeraa and her Word Bearer’s party.

One of the goblins there is the one they saved from the road a few days earlier.

The goblins are a little weary to allow the party into their trust and ask them to perform a honor fight, the Amalorkar.

The party goes one at a time and fits till one fails to deal damage, gets knocked out of the circle or drops.

The party wins their first few fights easily, then Grim goes against a goblin with a bejeweled rapier. This is the doppleganger that Captain Kalaes had mentioned earlier. Him and Grim exchange blows, eventually Grim fails to maintain his onslaught and loses to Tikulti.

The party continues fighting with only one more loss by BA, and 2 wins by Q. The goblins conclude the party to be honorable and allow them to make camp with them for the evening.

5th of Therendor 998 YK
The next morning the goblins give the party a sending stone so they can communicate inside the cavern. There are 2 pieces of the crown contained within and they want the party get Zaarani’s Solitaire while they retrieve Lurtaan’s Cord.

They venture into the cavern and find a 20 foot tall Obelisk. The goblins activate it and are teleported to somewhere else. As the last one completes their trip the portal closes and the bones scattered around reanimate and begin attacking the party.

After a quick battle with BA turning many of the undead, the goblins saying they fought a few ghouls on their side and it appears the Obelisk is out of power to teleport them back.

With the two groups setting out to retrieve the crown fragments, what wonders await them beneath the Six Kings?

And the canyon walls shook
The goblins have a cannon?!?!

4th of Therendor 998 YK – Cont

The party picks off each of the outside scouts as they advance through the woods.

The first scout dies easy and fast.

The second one was just a little too far out of range for the rest of the troops to hear his death screams.

The party ambushes the ambush and takes out the troops fast.

The Necromancer tries to enfeeble the strong fighters and use it deathly summon spell to pull PCs into its center.

The captain uses a baiting ploy maneuver to try and get the upper hand on the party’s front liners but in the end it isn’t enough by himself, and goes down.

Fu reclaims the captain’s magical armor and the party moves into the canyon pass.

They are waylaid by a hobgoblin that compliments them on their ability against the Emerald Claw. He then demands that they hand over everything that they have about the ashen crown along with all the parts they have. The party refuses.

The goblins up on the hill fire a volley into the party. The blast flings most of them against the walls of the canyon.

The party begins picking through the goblins killing through them. At one point the goblins on the cannon shoot at the leader trying to get the most damage to the party in the area of effect.

Grim scrambles up the bank and fights his way through to the cannon. While en-route Q takes out one of the cannon operators.

When Grim gets there, he tries to re-angle the cannon by slamming his metal fist into it only to find out the aiming is magical and fixes itself. He kills the other goblin and notices that it appears the goblin is bound to the cannon. When the last breath leaves the goblin the cannon explodes and sends Grim skidding across the ground into the last standing goblin. Without hesitation he kills it.

The pass is clear and the party moves on, into the land of monsters, Droaam.

Journey to the Six Kings
The road well traveled...

29th of Olarune 998 YK
Day 1 they have no encounters

30th of Olarune 998 YK
Day 2 they encounter some emerald claw who have captured a goblin. They defeat the claw and free the goblin. It appears he is a scout for the party they are looking for.

1st of Therendor 998 YK
Day 3 they encounter some drakes out hunting. One inf front of them, 2 up on a cliff, and 4 from the bushes behind Q. Unlike before the party is able to drop them pretty fast.

2nd of Therendor 998 YK
Day 4 they sneak up on a Turkabar Raiding party sitting around a fire. They demand a toll, but after sneaking up to the raiding parties own vantage spot, they are able to defeat all but the Minatour and Gnoll who run off.

3rd of Therendor 998 YK
Day 5 they are starting the feel the rigors of the travel and everyone is exhausted and they are forced to make camp before they planned. After an evenings rest they are ready to push on and get to the mountain pass.

4th of Therendor 998 YK
Day 6 They discover a trail off the side of the road that it looks like some people were trying to cover up. They follow it and discover a group of Emerald Claw talking. The captain tells the scouts to watch out for the Metal One, which one, the Warforged you idiot. As the party moves off the scouts begin to separate from the group and the party picks them off one at a time. They are planning to setup an ambush. Can the party stop them before they realize that their ambush has already been discovered?

What has happened to Gydd?
And who is this Demise person?

25th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont

Captain Kales tells the party about the mission.

Offers party 100gp each to help supply them.

Party agrees to mission.

26th of Olarune 998 YK

Meets with Demise and Gydd.

Gydd offers them a lot of money for the artifact, they tell her they will think about it. She excuses herself and they learn the ritual to reassemble the crown from Gydd, who learned it from Demise.

27th of Olarune 998 YK

The next day they get a message from Gydd that she is scared.

They enter the apartment and everything seems normal. They then stake it out and don’t see anyone going into it.

They go back into the apartment and it is filled with monsters and an illusion of Demise.

Rotwing zombies jump off the balcony and ghasts attack the party.

After the fight they find a note that Danne is Demise.

28th of Olarune 998 YK

They meet back up with the captain before leaving on the airship and let him know what happened. He is concerned but tells the PCs to continue on the mission. They board the air ship and set off for Ardev.

The lair has been cleared out

24th of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

The party entered the room with eggs and slim all over the place

Sharn Kruthiks emerged and began attacking

Wrapped around Scope

Swarm attacks

Lord Emerges and spews Acid

Young Kruthiks go after Q

Seem stronger when they are around the Lord

Many hits, Lord is fast, slain

Q shoots down the Slime Curtains

Finds a pouch with some Golbin Coins and 2 potions of healing

In one slime curtain an Amulet of Protection +2 is found

Head back to Molric, get paid 100gp each

Told to take Olaaki with them

Olaaki questions them about the blade

Back to see Gydd, she also asks about the blade

takes eggs and runs off to her place and comes back

pays for the Eggs, does a rubbing of the blade

Tells the party to meet her in 2 days and she’ll have more info

25th of Olarune 998 YK

next day they are summoned to the King’s Citadel

Gnome receptionist summons Captain Kales

Captain offers them a task to help the Wordbearers, Bladbearers are bad guys

Ask party to swear an oath of loyalty to the Brelish Crown

Why won't they stay down
The dead are too hard to kill on the second go around

23rd of Olarune 998 YK – Cont.

Wights bounce around attacking multiple people, mostly focused on Scope and Fu

Zombies goes down and stands back up

Grim Smashes Ashurta hard for the first hit.

Q fire toasts the Zombies

Setup camp in the isolated hallway

24th of Olarune 998 YK

Trekked through the kruthik hole in the floor

Fu pulled the Kruthik off the beam

Toxic spikes almost take down BA


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