Dark Lantern Doppleganger


Tikulti has been working with Captain Kalaes for th past 10 years as a Dark Lantern. On his last mission to infiltrate the Wordbearers and assist them in returning the Ashen Crown in attempts to reunite the goblins, he kills them and steals the pieces from the party. They discover his betrayal and track him down to Ashurta’s tomb under Sharn. It appears he has been working with the Emerald Claw and Demise for some unknown reason. The party captures him and proves to Kalaes that he has betrayed the Brelish Crown. While attempting to escape he taunts the party with tales of the Dragon’s Eye and shits to a smaller form to escape from his bindings. Kalaes is too quick and stops his escape attempt. He then magically binds him within the Brelish Crown’s prison while he decides Tikulti’s fate. What will become of the treasonous foe…?



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