Alric Blacktree - Deceased


Alric is Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden aide that was found tied up in the ruined tower on the Day of Mourning. The last you saw of him four years ago, he was barely conscious and bared the marks of some very strong magical energies from the Prophecy Mark.

Years later you found that he had built a machine to shake a tower to the ground in the Center Bridge District of the Lower Menthis Plateau that housed Morgrave University at its top. After destroying his machine, he attacked you with a detachment of goblins while you were traveling back to Lord Bren. Arruk was able to shot him in the shoulder with his crossbow, knocking him to the sky walk below. When Grim got to where he fell to investigate, Alric was gone.

He has succeeded in getting himself a Dragonmark on his left shoulder since the last time you saw him. While you were in the elemental chaos he “saved” the party but his magic seemed to be very disproportional. His dragonmark was glowing the entire time. He has asked you to find and deliver the lich’s phylactery and to deliver it to him. Last he knew it was in the city of Greywall.

Alric emerged from the pillar of light from the crashed airship and the death of the pretender storm dragon. He was crackling with purple energy and attacked the party. At one point he was able to fight his domination and begged the party to slay him and find the Litch he spoke of previously. He was again dominated and the party was forced to kill him as the Soul Reaver’s control was too powerful to free him.

Alric Blacktree - Deceased

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