Eberron VT

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire!

Metal Dragons don't scare us!?!?

Eyre 20th, 998YK – Cont.

Hallway Traps (Turrets, Scythes, Whirling blade Automatons, and razorwire nets).

Lava room with taunting ghost on catwalk

Disabled the forge

Arcane Workshop, fight with Valsath (Hobgoblin Leader)

Storage room, find Forge Drakes that appear to be disoriented. Jelia is protected by an Iron Cobra, and she tells you of her mistake and being forced to work in the Forge.

Meet Calmachina (Forge Dragon) and after agitating her, she is defeated, although she vows revenge.

Back upstairs in the ruined foyer, the taunting ghost is back and tries to burn everyone, while a bone worm and undead tomb motes swarm and attack the party.

They find Marus, Jelia’s assistant, who tells of Gaven’s escape.

Time to track down Gaven, the trail is getting warmer….



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