Eberron VT

Hurry the Eclipse is Coming!

The Escaped Madman

Eyre 19th, 998YK

After waiting for Kalaes return in the morning, the party meets with him.

They find out about the Dreadhold breakout, where Gaven has escaped, a Madman that seems to know more about the prophecy then even some Dragons. Kalaes mentions that he sent out a party to a rumored forge in the Mournlands. Jelia hasn’t checked back in and he fears that something relating to Gaven has occurred and suggest the party checks it out, but he doesn’t know where the forge is. It appears the map found in the sewers shows the location of a forge in Cyre near a City of the Dead, perhaps that is the one that Jelia had believed she located and is the same mentioned in the prophecy.

Eyre 20th, 998YK

After a day on the Lightning Rail, the party arrives at the edge of the Mournlands. Tonight is the first night of the 4 full Moons, on night 4 they will Eclipse each other, time is running out. The party arrives and finds a cave in the mountains that has fresh foot traffic around it. Inside they find some blade bearers that have covered up their markings and the smell of blasting powder. In a waterfall they find a body of a dead word bearer and use the crown to speak with him. They confirm that Gaven was indeed here with the word bearer.

They find a hole blasted into the side of a workshop. Inside a large machine is churning and spitting out purple energy. When they enter the room the machine zaps half constructed and worn down warforged to life and they begin attacking the party. They are able to dispatch the constructs and deactivate the machine that kept allowing the constructs to stand again after being defeated. They head deeper in and find some Hobgoblin sleeping quarters and managed to dispatch the guards. Inside they find a hostage that was bound and gagged. When they release the prisoner from the wrappings, they are surprised to see Arruk!

They proceed to the next area and find 4 Blade bearers standing guard outside of a large door. Foo kills the closest one and then strikes fear into the remaining 3 that they surrender and cower in the corner of the room while the party proceeds into the lab. Inside they find a Large Flesh Golem and 2 Forge Drakes protecting a Goblin artificer. The Drakes deliver very powerful attacks, but are unable to withstand the might of the party and go down after crippling Grim. The Golem goes down, and the Goblin is just fodder for the party to enjoy. The party takes the Hobgoblin guards weapons and tells them to leave before they change their mind.

Time to head deeper into this forge of flesh and machinery….



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