Eberron VT

Dwarven Parley

Tunnel Reopened...

Therendor 28th, 998YK

The party arrives at the Dwarven Capital and meats with Rangrim’s father.

Meet with the Iron Council the next day, rest up for now.

Eyre 1st, 998YK

Meeting with the Council, Head dwarf isn’t very receptive to Brelish people.

Azin is more open to the party.

Azzin proposes they hunt the Ironroot Mountains to wipe out the Orcs.

Eyre 2nd, 998YK

Azin furnishes the party with Dragonhawks to scout the mountains.

Eyre 3rd, 998YK

Found a blue marked Orc village with no villagers.

Eyre 4th, 998YK

Found an Orange marked Orc village, again no villagers.

Eyre 5th, 998YK

Found an unmarked Orc village. No males in the village, but a tale of an Orc witch and came in and summoned the men to help her win a great battle.

Eyre 6th, 998YK

Reached the Southern end of the Mountains, heading back North.

Eyre 7th, 998YK

Found a red marked Orc village that looked recently burned down. Signs point towards heavy Magic use from a powerful source. This looks like a promising area to scout through.



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