Eberron VT

Dead Orcs Everywhere

The Monster Rises

Eyre 7th, 998YK – Cont.

Going through the pile, the party finds the busted green helmet of the Large Orc they fought at the fort.

They also find the necklace of the witch in the pile of burned bodies.

Looking around tracks are found leading into the woods.

The party leaves behind the dragonhawks and the dwarves in the clearing while they scout out the trail.

They find a freshly slept in camp, but no sign of the creature that made it.

Over the hill they hear screams of the dragonhawks and smoke rising.

When they return to the clearing there is a band of orcs using alchemy to burn and dissolve the dwarves and their steeds. Bureaucrats never make good warriors.

They are able to dispatch the Orcs, but find they acid attacks to be very effective.

The Orc Witch them turns into a bronzer serpent and crashes into the pile of bodies.

The pile of bodies then begins to take shape and form into a large construct, this can’t be good…



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