Eberron VT

Dead Orcs Assemble!

Back to Sharn

Eyre 7th, 998YK – Cont.
The pile of dead Orcs is fought and defeated.

The party speaks to Azin to find out what happened.

With the Dragonhawks dead or flown off, the party starts to trek back to Krona Peak.

Eyre 9th, 998YK

About two days from Krona they encounter two Emerald Claw guards.

Eyre 10th, 998YK

The party uses the crown to resurrect Azin.

Eyre 11th, 998YK

The party heads into Krona Peak and meets an Artificer, Rothar, who confirms the seal on the books is that of House Cannith. They also learn more of the prophecy and that the 4 moon Eclipse is coming in just over a weeks time. They also learn about the Mournlands metor showers. They head back to Sharn to find out more about the book.

Eyre 12th-17th, 998YK

Lightning Rail and Boat travel back to Sharn around the mournlands as they have Azin backing the cost of the trip and it will save them a few days.

Eyre 18th, 998YK

They arrive back in Sharn and visit Gydd. She directs them to Skelos, a self proclaimed Draconic Prophecy expert. He tells them that he has seen the seal on the book before down in the Sewers of Sharn. The party heads down into the sewers and runs into a couple of shifters and some warforged that are trying to steal the book from them. They stop them and find an old forge buried very deep in the sewers. Inside they find some old dog constructs still guarding the facility. After dispatching them, they find the rods to open the door and locate a chest. Inside they find a map and piece of what appears to be a creation pattern that forges use. Not finding what they are looking for, they head back to the surface and seek out Kalaes to see if perhaps he has some insight.

4 days to the eclipse….



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