Eberron VT


Escape or Capture the Fort?

Therendor 25th, 998YK – Cont.

The fight rages on…

Archers and foot soldiers keep re-appearing from portals after they are killed

Q makes a tactical decision to attack the Witch.

She escapes inside the fort, but not before Avarel is knocked out and captured.

Grim tries to escape into the water, but thanks to a lucky bow shot is also rendered inert.

The rest of the party falls and the orcs bring them into the fort.

Therendor 26th, 998YK

The party comes to in cages in the dark, in about 2 feet of water/refuse.

Grim busts out of his cage and slowly the rest of the party emerges.

Foo speaks Goblin and tricks the guards to coming over to the cages. The party jumps them and re secures their equipment.

Guards upstairs are also lured down and easily dispatched.

Upstairs the party finds some dwarves held in cages.

Across the hall they find one of the pieces of Stonefang(Heart) guarded by more orcs.

Orcs dispatched and dwarves freed.

Up on the roof, Large orc with a green Helmet and large Axe attacks the party, while the Witch throws spells down from the roof.

They manage to escape and fly away with the magic of the helm.

The last piece is recovered and they head back to the tunnel.

Orc on the boar pins them at the entrance, till he is killed along with his mount.

Back to the tunnel, Stongfang starts to rise from the pit.

Grim tries to delay him while Avarel runs to the dwarves to rebind the Titan.

After a few knock backs, Stongfang emerges and Grim finds out how hard he can hit.

The party figures out how to bind him and when the ritual is complete, the pit reclaims the Titan and seals itself over.

The words that were binding the pit are no longer visable, and speaking with the lead dwarf, that is a BAD sign.

Time to head back to Krona Peak.



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