Eberron VT

Gaven Located, Vaskyr Defeated

Gaven stood a short distance away, arms still pulsing with electricity from the blast that brought down Vaskyr. Grim pried himself from the unconscious dragon’s clutches and raised his great axe for a coup-de-gras. “NOOO!” Gavin shouted! As Grim looked puzzled, Foo called back, “why not?! He was trying to kill us.” “He didn’t understand what he was doing. He’s a good being and doesn’t deserve this fate.” “Very well,” Brother Aden answered, “he’s out cold, and we’ll leave him here. We’re more concerned about the prophecy.” “What do you know about the prophecy?” Gavin replied. “I was held up in a cell for almost 30 years and the prophecy was all I had. I’ve worked out most of the details already. I doubt you can contribute.” “I don’t care about contributing or not,” Grim defiantly stated, “we’re in the middle of this…prophecy…and everywhere we turn seems to be leading us down the road that’s spelled out in those draconic glyphs on the walls you just read.” ‘The might of Earth frees the Bronze serpent’ ‘the Eye of Siberys falls near the City of the Dead’ ‘Blah, blah, blah!’ “Yes, you know all about the prophecy, congratulations! We’re living it.” Some of the group noticed that every time a passage or keyword regarding the prophecy, Gavin mutters the phrase under his breath as if in a trance. He suddenly seems lucid and replies “Then it seems that our paths have converged.”

“Maybe we should work together. Do you have the Eye?” Quarion asked. “What do you mean?” Gavin replied. “Don’t play us for fools!” Foo shouted. “We know a large dragon shard impacted at the base of this floating mountain and we believe it’s the Eye. Where is it?” “I have your word that we’ll work together then to fulfill the prophecy?” Gavin asked. The group nodded each of their heads in turn. Gavin then pulled a very large dragon shard out of a sack. “I believe this is the Eye of Siberys. When I first touched it, a vision of darkness filled my head pictured the Heart of Kyber.” “So we’ll need to unite these two artifacts?” Grim asked. “I think so.” Gavin replied. “Can I look at the Eye?” Quarion asked. As Gavin handed him the shard, Quarion gasped and stiffened as the vision of what Gavin described filled his head. “I see the same thing.” Quarion finally spoke after shaking off the effects of the shard’s touch. “Let me see that!” Grim yelled as he grabbed the shard. “Nothing.” As he tossed the shard to Foo. “Nothing here either.” Foo stated. “Or here” as Brother Aden also grasped the Eye “So we need to find the Heart of Kyber. Where is it?” The entire group turned as one to peer at Gavin.

“Yes, I know where it is, but it’ll be hard to retrieve. My wife has it.” Grim stifled a laugh as he muttered out, “so why don’t you go and get it?” “My wife is the one who had me imprisoned. She won’t give it to me, she’ll have me arrested again.” “So you need US to get the Heart. Where is she?” Foo declared. “She’s in Vathirod. She runs the local tavern. I should be located there.” “That’s at least a days journey away, we’re running short on time.” Brother Aden reminded the group. “I can do something about that,” said Gavin. He waved his arms in the motions of a spell and then spoke to the air, “where are you, Cart?” The air replied in a metallic voice “we in Vathirod.” Gavin stated “Excellent! You’re an hour away. Get here as fast as you can!”

“So now we need to exit this maze. Any ideas?” Quarion asks. Gavin pulls out a scroll with a map recently drawn. As Brother Aden glances at the map, he mutters, “why do all the paths look like the Blood of Vol symbol?” “Interesting,” Gavin remarks. “Yes, but that doesn’t help us out of here,” Foo replies. “Looks like we can exit here,” Grim points out on the map, “that should be the same place we came in.”

An hour later, the group wonders out of the sky caves and makes their way to the surface by repelling in turn. Shortly thereafter, a small airship piloted by an elf with a vigilante warforged guard beside him, sails into view. Gavin beckons us all aboard. As the motley group of Gavin and our heroes boards the ship, the elf pilot of House Lyandar introduces himself as Darrin. The warforged defender is Cart. They immediate get underway.

As they’re leaving the sky caves, a flight of the largest dragons anyone has ever seen passes overhead, 13 in all. Each dragon makes Gavin’s tiny ship look like a songbird next to an eagle. The dragons pay no attention to the ship as they make their way northwest toward Thrane. Everyone on deck stares in awe, thankful that the dragons are not attacking as they watch the flight disappear into the horizon.

Enroute to Vathirod, Gavin told the story of his “rescue” from prison where he met his benefactors, Darrin, Cort, and several others…including Vaskyr. It seems that Vaskyr fulfilled his part of the prophecy taking on the role of the Bronze dragon after all.

The group reviewed their plan to “obtain” the Heart of Kyber as they approached the docks of Vathirod. The guards at the dock approached as we pulled up. “Halt, what business do you have here?” One guard brazenly trumpeted. “We’re here for supplies and a quick pint,” Foo replied. “Travel papers?” “Of course,” Foo says as he and the rest of the group flash the guard their respective documents. “Alright, no trouble down there.” Grim shrugs as he passes the guard. The rest of the group follows in turn. After a brief visit to the small settlement’s magic shoppe, the group meanders toward the tavern.

As the group nears the tavern, they formulate a plan to retrieve the heart. As they near the building, Quarion scans the premises for magic. “There’s a strong source on the upper floors,” He says. “Hopefully that’s the Heart” Grim whispers. As they enter the tavern, the group finds a table in the corner to survey the scene. Several of the group notices a Halfling that continually glances in their direction. Brother Aden notices the bar tender taking an interest in the group as well. “Foo, why don’t you go get us some drinks and work your ‘magic’ on Rienne” as he head nods toward to bar. Foo wanders over to the bar to flirt with the attractive elf, which we know is Gavin’s wife, Rienne. “Let’s do this,” Grim whispers. He stands up and bellows, “Where’s the entertainment in this place?? Guess I’ll have to provide it.” Grim starts with a story of battle on the very eve when the Mournlands were created. The meager crowd listens for a bit then interest seems to taper off. Grim wanders over to a table of farmers that are having their own separate conversation and slams his fist on their table. “Do you think that there’s something more interesting than my story?” Grim stares down each of the farmers and settles on one poor sap. The farmer has never been more afraid in his life as he peers into the glowing eyes of Grim. Suddenly he seems to find a much greater interest in Grim’s story now fascinating story. “I didn’t think so.” During all the commotion, Quarion and Avarel slip upstairs and begin their search. They find a chest hidden in a closet which the magic emanates from. Avarel attempts to open it with no luck.

Just at that moment downstairs, Foo’s hold on Rienne’s attention wanes and he notices that suddenly she attempts to break off the conversation in a desperate need to go upstairs. Grim and Brother Aden agitate the farmers, but they’re too frightened to start any brawl. Rienne storms over the group and threatens anyone who looks like they’re itching for a fight to stand down. Grim laughs and she turns to make her way upstairs. “I’m not done talking with you!” Grim shouts and reaches for her arm. He almost makes the grab as she spins and then blasts a spell that freezes Grim in place. “I’ll be right back to deal with you,” she says as she climbs the staircase. Brother Aden grabs the sending stone and sends, “better get out of there, she’s on her way up!” to the group upstairs. “We’re getting out,” Quarion sends back as they teleport out the window. A short while later, two companions wander back into the bar and sit in the corner. After about 10 minutes, Rienne reappears on the staircase with a suspicious look in her eye. She wanders over to the table while snapping her fingers to release Grim. “Who are you and what are you doing here!!” she demands. “I know you’re not from around here. What do you want?” “The Heart of Kyber” Foo says. Rienne first looks shocked, and then states, “What makes you think that I have it?” “Gavin” Brother Aden replies. After a brief discussion the group gives the story of how they need the Heart to complete the Dragon Prophecy. “Here” Rienne says as she hands over a large fist-sized gem. “Take it and tell Gavin I’m sorry.”

Grim notices that the Halfling is missing. Quarion peers out the window when he hears some noise and shouts, “We’ve got company! Kundarak dwarves closing in!” “Is there a back way out of here?” Foo asks. Rienne points behind the bar. The group races as one to the back door. Just as they get thru and close it behind them, they hear the front door bursts in and a booming voice shout, “WHERE ARE THEY?!”

Racing down the back alleyways the group is able to keep a couple blocks ahead of the dwarves. Various obstacles seemingly block their path, but are actually beneficial as the hinder the dwarves much more. The party hops a last wall and sneaks onto the ship. “We’ve got it,” Quarion tells Gavin, “Let’s get out of here!” Gavin pulls the ship out of the city, northwest bound following the path of the dragons.

Gaven Located
Vaskyr Defeated

The finals pieces of the prophecy found.

Gaven shoots thunder.

Bronze dragon is sedated.

Flight of Dragons overhead, headed towards Fairhaven.

Airship summoned with Cart and a Half-Elf pilot.

Off after the Dragons.

Tracking Gaven
Through the Dangerous Mournlands

Showers of Rocks from the Sky…

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire!
Metal Dragons don't scare us!?!?

Eyre 20th, 998YK – Cont.

Hallway Traps (Turrets, Scythes, Whirling blade Automatons, and razorwire nets).

Lava room with taunting ghost on catwalk

Disabled the forge

Arcane Workshop, fight with Valsath (Hobgoblin Leader)

Storage room, find Forge Drakes that appear to be disoriented. Jelia is protected by an Iron Cobra, and she tells you of her mistake and being forced to work in the Forge.

Meet Calmachina (Forge Dragon) and after agitating her, she is defeated, although she vows revenge.

Back upstairs in the ruined foyer, the taunting ghost is back and tries to burn everyone, while a bone worm and undead tomb motes swarm and attack the party.

They find Marus, Jelia’s assistant, who tells of Gaven’s escape.

Time to track down Gaven, the trail is getting warmer….

Hurry the Eclipse is Coming!
The Escaped Madman

Eyre 19th, 998YK

After waiting for Kalaes return in the morning, the party meets with him.

They find out about the Dreadhold breakout, where Gaven has escaped, a Madman that seems to know more about the prophecy then even some Dragons. Kalaes mentions that he sent out a party to a rumored forge in the Mournlands. Jelia hasn’t checked back in and he fears that something relating to Gaven has occurred and suggest the party checks it out, but he doesn’t know where the forge is. It appears the map found in the sewers shows the location of a forge in Cyre near a City of the Dead, perhaps that is the one that Jelia had believed she located and is the same mentioned in the prophecy.

Eyre 20th, 998YK

After a day on the Lightning Rail, the party arrives at the edge of the Mournlands. Tonight is the first night of the 4 full Moons, on night 4 they will Eclipse each other, time is running out. The party arrives and finds a cave in the mountains that has fresh foot traffic around it. Inside they find some blade bearers that have covered up their markings and the smell of blasting powder. In a waterfall they find a body of a dead word bearer and use the crown to speak with him. They confirm that Gaven was indeed here with the word bearer.

They find a hole blasted into the side of a workshop. Inside a large machine is churning and spitting out purple energy. When they enter the room the machine zaps half constructed and worn down warforged to life and they begin attacking the party. They are able to dispatch the constructs and deactivate the machine that kept allowing the constructs to stand again after being defeated. They head deeper in and find some Hobgoblin sleeping quarters and managed to dispatch the guards. Inside they find a hostage that was bound and gagged. When they release the prisoner from the wrappings, they are surprised to see Arruk!

They proceed to the next area and find 4 Blade bearers standing guard outside of a large door. Foo kills the closest one and then strikes fear into the remaining 3 that they surrender and cower in the corner of the room while the party proceeds into the lab. Inside they find a Large Flesh Golem and 2 Forge Drakes protecting a Goblin artificer. The Drakes deliver very powerful attacks, but are unable to withstand the might of the party and go down after crippling Grim. The Golem goes down, and the Goblin is just fodder for the party to enjoy. The party takes the Hobgoblin guards weapons and tells them to leave before they change their mind.

Time to head deeper into this forge of flesh and machinery….

Dead Orcs Assemble!
Back to Sharn

Eyre 7th, 998YK – Cont.
The pile of dead Orcs is fought and defeated.

The party speaks to Azin to find out what happened.

With the Dragonhawks dead or flown off, the party starts to trek back to Krona Peak.

Eyre 9th, 998YK

About two days from Krona they encounter two Emerald Claw guards.

Eyre 10th, 998YK

The party uses the crown to resurrect Azin.

Eyre 11th, 998YK

The party heads into Krona Peak and meets an Artificer, Rothar, who confirms the seal on the books is that of House Cannith. They also learn more of the prophecy and that the 4 moon Eclipse is coming in just over a weeks time. They also learn about the Mournlands metor showers. They head back to Sharn to find out more about the book.

Eyre 12th-17th, 998YK

Lightning Rail and Boat travel back to Sharn around the mournlands as they have Azin backing the cost of the trip and it will save them a few days.

Eyre 18th, 998YK

They arrive back in Sharn and visit Gydd. She directs them to Skelos, a self proclaimed Draconic Prophecy expert. He tells them that he has seen the seal on the book before down in the Sewers of Sharn. The party heads down into the sewers and runs into a couple of shifters and some warforged that are trying to steal the book from them. They stop them and find an old forge buried very deep in the sewers. Inside they find some old dog constructs still guarding the facility. After dispatching them, they find the rods to open the door and locate a chest. Inside they find a map and piece of what appears to be a creation pattern that forges use. Not finding what they are looking for, they head back to the surface and seek out Kalaes to see if perhaps he has some insight.

4 days to the eclipse….

Dead Orcs Everywhere
The Monster Rises

Eyre 7th, 998YK – Cont.

Going through the pile, the party finds the busted green helmet of the Large Orc they fought at the fort.

They also find the necklace of the witch in the pile of burned bodies.

Looking around tracks are found leading into the woods.

The party leaves behind the dragonhawks and the dwarves in the clearing while they scout out the trail.

They find a freshly slept in camp, but no sign of the creature that made it.

Over the hill they hear screams of the dragonhawks and smoke rising.

When they return to the clearing there is a band of orcs using alchemy to burn and dissolve the dwarves and their steeds. Bureaucrats never make good warriors.

They are able to dispatch the Orcs, but find they acid attacks to be very effective.

The Orc Witch them turns into a bronzer serpent and crashes into the pile of bodies.

The pile of bodies then begins to take shape and form into a large construct, this can’t be good…

Dwarven Parley
Tunnel Reopened...

Therendor 28th, 998YK

The party arrives at the Dwarven Capital and meats with Rangrim’s father.

Meet with the Iron Council the next day, rest up for now.

Eyre 1st, 998YK

Meeting with the Council, Head dwarf isn’t very receptive to Brelish people.

Azin is more open to the party.

Azzin proposes they hunt the Ironroot Mountains to wipe out the Orcs.

Eyre 2nd, 998YK

Azin furnishes the party with Dragonhawks to scout the mountains.

Eyre 3rd, 998YK

Found a blue marked Orc village with no villagers.

Eyre 4th, 998YK

Found an Orange marked Orc village, again no villagers.

Eyre 5th, 998YK

Found an unmarked Orc village. No males in the village, but a tale of an Orc witch and came in and summoned the men to help her win a great battle.

Eyre 6th, 998YK

Reached the Southern end of the Mountains, heading back North.

Eyre 7th, 998YK

Found a red marked Orc village that looked recently burned down. Signs point towards heavy Magic use from a powerful source. This looks like a promising area to scout through.

Escape or Capture the Fort?

Therendor 25th, 998YK – Cont.

The fight rages on…

Archers and foot soldiers keep re-appearing from portals after they are killed

Q makes a tactical decision to attack the Witch.

She escapes inside the fort, but not before Avarel is knocked out and captured.

Grim tries to escape into the water, but thanks to a lucky bow shot is also rendered inert.

The rest of the party falls and the orcs bring them into the fort.

Therendor 26th, 998YK

The party comes to in cages in the dark, in about 2 feet of water/refuse.

Grim busts out of his cage and slowly the rest of the party emerges.

Foo speaks Goblin and tricks the guards to coming over to the cages. The party jumps them and re secures their equipment.

Guards upstairs are also lured down and easily dispatched.

Upstairs the party finds some dwarves held in cages.

Across the hall they find one of the pieces of Stonefang(Heart) guarded by more orcs.

Orcs dispatched and dwarves freed.

Up on the roof, Large orc with a green Helmet and large Axe attacks the party, while the Witch throws spells down from the roof.

They manage to escape and fly away with the magic of the helm.

The last piece is recovered and they head back to the tunnel.

Orc on the boar pins them at the entrance, till he is killed along with his mount.

Back to the tunnel, Stongfang starts to rise from the pit.

Grim tries to delay him while Avarel runs to the dwarves to rebind the Titan.

After a few knock backs, Stongfang emerges and Grim finds out how hard he can hit.

The party figures out how to bind him and when the ritual is complete, the pit reclaims the Titan and seals itself over.

The words that were binding the pit are no longer visable, and speaking with the lead dwarf, that is a BAD sign.

Time to head back to Krona Peak.

Dwarven Bindings
Assault the Fort

Therendor 24th, 998YK – Cont.

More Orcs barricaded in room with Dwarves protected in a magic sphere.

Orcs dispatched, Dwarves spoken with.

Must retrieve final two parts of Stonefang to rebind him.

Therendor 25th, 998YK

Travel to fort with new dwarf ally.

Fort assault planned, hide in building and slowly advance.

Roofless building provides no protection from arrow volleys

Dwarf Ally picked off.

This is getting intense…


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